1. What makes Skinostics products medical grade skincare?

Not all skincare is created equal!  Skinostics Skincare results driven formulations are scientifically backed and proven.  Made with 99.9% pure ingredients and a lower molecule weight to provide optimal absorption deep into the dermal layer of the skin resulting in desired changes on a cellular level.

 Medical grade skincare sets itself apart by featuring a higher percentage of active ingredients compared to over-the-counter and lower quality skincare grades.  Over the counter products only contain a fraction of the actual ingredients and have a higher molecular weight leaving the product to sit on the surface of the skin.

 Our formulations are micronized and designed to deliver a more concentrated dose of the desired actives deep into the skin, ensuring maximum efficacy. 

 Made in a state-of-the-art, FDA-Registered, and cGMP compliant facility, each formulation is manufactured in accordance with the utmost safety and sanitary requirements which means every product purchased are safe, tested, and efficacious.


2. Are these products vegan?

No. Skinostics products are not vegan. 

Good preservatives are used to help stabilize certain molecules as well as provide a standard shelf life.  Skinostics formulations are cruelty free, paraben and sulfate free, made with organic, plant-based ingredients.


3. How fast will I see results?

The timeframe for seeing results can vary depending on several factors including individual skin type and concern being addressed. While some individuals may notice improvements within minutes of the first application, it typically takes longer to see peak results, especially for anti-aging effects.

 It is important to maintain a consistent skincare routine and follow the recommended usage instructions to achieve the best possible outcomes. However, individual results may still vary. We recommend taking a picture of your skin, before using our products and take an updated picture within 30 days after consistently utilizing our products.


4. Should I experience burning while applying the products?

Absolutely not. Our products contain acids that may cause a tingling sensation during your skincare routine. However, it is important to note that this sensation should never be severe enough to cause discomfort or burn your face. There is a clear distinction between tingling and burning, and our products are formulated to ensure a comfortable experience while still delivering effective results.


5. Is my skin breaking out from these products or purging?

Breakouts and purging are two different things. It takes acne up to 90 days to form. A breakout would entail acne lesions present in places you normally don’t breakout, along with it taking longer to heal.

 It’s important to note that purging does not always occur.  But when it does, it’s a good thing! It’s the skin’s natural process of eliminating toxins, removing existing bacteria, debris, and impurities to enhance your skin's radiance. With consistent use of our products, these effects will gradually diminish and subside.

 Please note that individual experiences may vary.  Please schedule a skincare consultation so we can discuss your specific needs and provide additional guidance.


6. How often should I cleanse my skin?

2x daily, morning and night


7. Are these products good for sensitive skin?

Yes! Our products are packed with antioxidants and natural plant-based ingredients to help balance out the acids.  You’ll be able to address your skincare concerns without stripping the skin of its essential moisture.

 Please note, for very sensitive skin it’s best to schedule a skincare consultation so we can discuss the best products and usage to help you reach your skin goals.


8. How do we receive additional skin tips?

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9. My dark spots are stubborn. Can the Pigment Eraser fix them?

Yes, our Pigment Eraser Cream is a powerful and safer alternative to hydroquinone.  This remarkable product works by inhibiting excess tyrosinase activity that is responsible for discoloration formation while also working to turn over the skin to brighten and even skin complexion. We recommend pairing our Pigment Eraser Cream with our Pigment Peel Pads and Pure Protect Mineral Sunscreen to accelerate the skin’s renewal process for enhanced and faster results while protecting your progress. This is why we created our Blemished Skin Kit.


10. How important is water consumption with Skinostics products for results?

Consuming lots of water is essential to your progress! The water will flush out your body, ridding it of toxins while keeping you hydrated. Remember….in order for your skin to give you the results you want, it needs hydration topically (our products) and internally (water).


11. How Often Should I Wear SPF?

SPF should be worn daily! No matter the weather or time of year the suns UVA/UVB rays will continue to cause damage to our skin. 

 Most importantly, understand that your melanin does not protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays. While UVB rays are responsible for burning our skin, UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin and are responsible for skin cancer, irreversible DNA damage, and breaking down our collagen, accelerating signs of aging.  Our Pure Protect Mineral Sunscreen hydrates and blends in with ALL skin tones without leaving a white cast.